Weight Loss Tips

Eat the best first
When you wake up put in your mouth the food that you like most. It will be marked in your fresh mind for the rest of the day. You will not desire to satisfty it with food any more.

Food hangover
As with alcohol, your body need to sober up from a feast with an extra dose in the morning after. Try to feel and cure it with small rations.

Black Coffee
Drink few cups of black coffee each day to avoid false hunger dizziness.

Counting calories
It is very important to count the calories in food and summarize daily to see if the total is too high for the diet.

Food Fibers
Food products rich with food fibers suppress the appetite and are healthy for the body.

Suspenders, in contrast to regular belt, do not press on your stomach so the trousers will not fall, letting comfortable walking in loose trousers .